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Every girl I know has a piece of jewelry she wears almost all the time. Maybe it was a gift from a loved one, maybe it has a charm that reminds you of a precious memory or of a special someone. You can wear it with almost anything and it’s right.

This is my “everyday” necklace. Gold chains with a heart shaped charm and a diamond sparkling from the center. The set has matching earrings and charm bracelet. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The silver version of the Everyday set is a special Relay For Life set. The heart charm is set with a pink diamond. It’s available in the RFL vendor in the Primagine main shop. Because all proceeds from this version are going to charity, Primagine store cards can’t be used for the RFL set.


Primainge Everyday-Gold

Primagine Everyday-Silver-RFL


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Meet Sandy!

I give up…..tried to write something witty and it’s just not happening this morning. What I was trying to do was introduce my new jewelry set, Sandy. Beads and rings in warm summer colours or cool pastels – the choice is yours. Plus a pretty flower to add a touch of freshness. A necklace, bracelet and two sets of earrings (dangly hoops or blossoms) make up this set.

And why “Sandy”? Um….blame the dj! Seriously, the song “Summer Loving” from Grease was in my head the entire time I was working on this and it’s a kind of sweet, innocent piece….so Sandy was the name of choice!

Sandy is available in the Primagine shop in Kilmarta or on xStreet SL.

Primagine Main Shop

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