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Here’s a very special item that’s going to benefit the Relay For Life effort. It’s a lovely wooden Art Deco style music box. When you touch it, the lid opens and a spinning globe appears with the words “One World, One Hope” and plays a snip of Melissa Etheridge’s anthem “I Run For Life”.

Now, like that’s not special enough, this box isn’t only lovely but it’s functional too! There are two drawers on the front of the music box that you can store items in. Each drawer will hold roughly 250 objects. Okay, I can hear you now…..if you put your objects in there how will you ever find them again? Well, this box is scripted so you can search for the item! Touching the base of the box will give you a drop down menu and allow you to choose which drawers contents you’d like to see. Another option you have is to do a search for the item name. You’ll receive a message in chat as to which drawer the item is in, plus the front of that drawer will flash! You can see a sample of the box in my shop right under its special RFL vendor.

While you’re out shopping, why not stop by the Passionate Redheads RFL team store in Sacre Bleu? There you can see all the items being offered by the team members.

Primagine Main Shop

Passionate Redheads RFL Team Store


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