It’s not just the leaves falling at this time of year, the prices at Primagine are dropping too! Every item in the Primagine shop (with the exception of the newest releases) is drastically marked down – some are as low as L$25! You get the excellent quality jewelry Primagine is known for at rock bottom pricing. On top of that, the Primagine Gatcha machines contain colorful hoop earrings and coordinating bracelets for only L$10 per play.

Here’s the perfect time to grab some new baubles for yourself or to do some early holiday gift shopping. Hurry on into Primagine and stock up before the sale ends!

Note: Items in the shop marked “New Item/Items” are not included in this sale. For gift giving, contact Trixie Bumbo *before* purchasing.

Primagine Main Shop


It’s Time For Jewelry Fair 2010!

I know it’s been forever since there’s been a new release from Primagine but luckily real life calmed down just in time for Jewelry Fair 2010. There are five brand new sets available at the fair only until Monday, Oct. 18. Stop by the Village North and visit the Primagine booth to get your share of the newness. See you there!

Jewelry Fair 4, Village North

50% Off Moving Sale

Hi everyone and a very happy 2010 to all of you! Just wanted to share some good news – Primagine is moving! This was planned for a few months from now but we fell into a sweet land deal that was too good to resist so the move has been pushed up to this weekend. The catch is we need to be out by this Sunday morning (insert that Home Alone face slapping gesture here).

That means the shop will be closed for a few days while we build a new one. And, of course, it means a moving sale is in order! So until midnight Saturday, Jan. 9, everything in the Primagine Kilmarta shop is marked down 50%. Yup, 50% off everything in the shop, even the already marked down 99L items on the bargain balcony!

Most of my items are resizable by a touch script, copy and no transfer. If you want to give a gift and prefer the permissions to be transfer and no copy, just drop me a notecard with the item name and I’ll take care of that for you.

Primagine Main Shop – Kilmarta

Wow….been a looong time since I’ve blogged but that other life just keeps getting into the way. Anyway, I’m back and have been busy making luscious new goodies that are only available at this weeks Jewelry Fair. You’ll find the Primage booth in the Autumn section. Now onto the newness……

Hayworth: This set contains a double strand necklace with a fleur de lis pendant, a single strand necklace, bracelet and earrings. Available in jet black, creamy pearl or a gorgeous garnet with a silver or gold chain.

Cascade: A versatile set that can be casual or dressy. Necklace, bracelet and earrings in jet black, blue or polished wood with gold or silver accents.

Into The Mystic: Fiery opals set in gold, creamy moonstones in silver….Into The Mystic is a classic. The necklace, earrings and bracelet will add a touch of glam to any outfit.

Pucker Up: Be prepared is our motto! Now you can wear your lipstick on a chain around your neck, no fumbling in your purse when you need a touch up! The black enamel lipstick case is set with a ring of diamonds and hangs from a gold chain. Touch the lip colour and you can change the lipstick color into one of five choices. The lipstick is guaranteed not to smear or rub off on your clothing too! Aren’t you worth it?

Primagine Main Shop

Here’s a very special item that’s going to benefit the Relay For Life effort. It’s a lovely wooden Art Deco style music box. When you touch it, the lid opens and a spinning globe appears with the words “One World, One Hope” and plays a snip of Melissa Etheridge’s anthem “I Run For Life”.

Now, like that’s not special enough, this box isn’t only lovely but it’s functional too! There are two drawers on the front of the music box that you can store items in. Each drawer will hold roughly 250 objects. Okay, I can hear you now…..if you put your objects in there how will you ever find them again? Well, this box is scripted so you can search for the item! Touching the base of the box will give you a drop down menu and allow you to choose which drawers contents you’d like to see. Another option you have is to do a search for the item name. You’ll receive a message in chat as to which drawer the item is in, plus the front of that drawer will flash! You can see a sample of the box in my shop right under its special RFL vendor.

While you’re out shopping, why not stop by the Passionate Redheads RFL team store in Sacre Bleu? There you can see all the items being offered by the team members.

Primagine Main Shop

Passionate Redheads RFL Team Store

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial SL rock for the last couple of weeks you know that the Relay for Life campaign is in full swing. RFL is a fundraising drive that supports not only the American Cancer Society but efforts worldwide to find a cure and help the victims and families of this horrible disease.

I’m have a small gift that will help you show your support for this cause: two pink awareness ribbons decorated with four diamonds. One will attach to your spine, one to your chest so you can wear your ribbon without it affecting your other jewelry or attachments. You can modify and transfer them. They’re unisex so shouldn’t be a problem for the guys.

The ribbons are available in the Primagine main shop in Kilmarta. If you would like a different colour than pink, drop me a notecard and let me know what you’d like – I’ll be happy to make them up for you. They’re free – all I ask is that you toss a few Lindens in an RLF kiosk when you can. Every Linden helps.

Oh…..why four diamonds? Very personal reasons.

Love and hugs,

Primagine Main Shop



Every girl I know has a piece of jewelry she wears almost all the time. Maybe it was a gift from a loved one, maybe it has a charm that reminds you of a precious memory or of a special someone. You can wear it with almost anything and it’s right.

This is my “everyday” necklace. Gold chains with a heart shaped charm and a diamond sparkling from the center. The set has matching earrings and charm bracelet. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The silver version of the Everyday set is a special Relay For Life set. The heart charm is set with a pink diamond. It’s available in the RFL vendor in the Primagine main shop. Because all proceeds from this version are going to charity, Primagine store cards can’t be used for the RFL set.


Primainge Everyday-Gold

Primagine Everyday-Silver-RFL